We are currently trying to translate the pages into English but this may take longer than expected so for now, please consider the pages as being Under Construction. Specifically page headings havent been translated but are hopefully readable. The pages covers some of the things we do right now and that we think may be of interest to others.

Most of the stuff now covers Doll House and Miniatures including all that has to do with decorations etc.

Houses and furniture are partially homemade stuff and partially bought readymade. There is also a lot of pages covering homemade accesories including cookies, candy, flowers, curtains and .....


Apart from flowers and decorations for the Doll Houses, a few "real-size" decorations has also crept in - covering both Christmas and other seasonal events.




Our in-ground pool project in our garden has now been moved down the list but the original pages covering the building process and technical stuff are still here.

The primary project during the winter 2008/2009 were the programming of a mini WebServer in order to survey and control the pool pump and heating from an ordinary Internet browser (including the browser found in a cell-phone).






Christmastree by the pool.








Linda og Leif Olsen

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